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      For years I kept having dreams about starting a motorcycle ministry where I traveled around talking to people. I spent a lot of time arguing with God; giving Him all kinds of excuses about why I couldn’t start a motorcycle travel ministry. Recently though, I was praying and realized (very belatedly) that it was stupid to try to convince God to change what He had planned for me. Eventually I yielded to Him and actually started trying to take steps in the direction that He’d been pushing me for so long.

Psalm 118: Sojourner’s Tales

      was the first trip that I wrote about, and I was surprised by how easily the words seemed to flow onto the page. Then I started arguing with Him about what the name of the Blog should be.

Psalm 120:5 and Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

    tells the story about why I finally called this Blog Sojourner’s Tales.
    The original vision that I thought God wanted me to do in this ministry was to travel the road and meet people along the way. I hoped to share not only my own testimonies of those trips, but to share some of the stories about the people that I met along the way. The Posts for these trips can be found under the Category “On The Road.” However, God’s ways definitely are not our ways. Once I got the website up and running, a number of topics began to blossom in my mind. Because of that I set up a series of Posts that discuss topics that had nothing to do with the times that I was on the road called “At Home.”
    Whether you read the “On The Road” stories, or those that fall under the “At Home” category, I hope that they help you to see God’s hand in your own life. I also suggest that you consider following this blog so that you can hear of new stories when they are posted.
    Again, Thank you for stopping by,

Marcus Mallette

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