How to Help

Thank you for considering helping Sojourner’s Tales!

     Just the fact that you clicked on this page speaks volumes about how Christian brothers and sisters care for each other. More importantly the fact that you are here means that in some way God has used this Blog to touch your heart.
    I thank you for that. Though not a great author I appreciate the writing skills that God has blessed me with and am thankful that He has used that skill to communicate with you.

First and foremost, if you truly wish to help this ministry succeed then please, please, please,

PRAY!      PRAY!      and then, Pray some more!

    One of the biggest threats that Satan attempts to use against missionaries is dissension within the family. The enemy uses this tool to destroy or impede the good works that God is doing through Christians who head his call. By causing strife and dissention within a family he can cause a ministry to stumble, falter, or even implode. I do Not want that to happen to my family. My beautiful wife and I have a wonderful daughter who still lives at home and in addition to our daughter, our son and his fiancé have blessed us with a delightful grandson. If you would please keep us all in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it.

Specific prayer requests.

  • That we continually praise and exalt God in every aspect of this ministry
  • That He continues to bless us and this ministry.
  • That the words that I post online be guided by His hand and not by mine.
  • Help us to recognize the doors that He opens in our paths so that we are able to help others and expand His kingdom.
  • Please pray that we are blessed with an indwelling of the Holy Spirit in those situations when we are called upon to pray for others.
  • Help us to meet people willing to share their testimonies and stories of faith.
  • Safety while traveling on the road.
  • That He would bless our ability to financially support this ministry.
  • And most importantly, that we are able reach those who are lost so that we might tell them about Jesus’ gift of grace.

Again, Thank you for stopping by,

Marcus Mallette

If you would rather e-mail me a comment rather than Posting one please use the contact form below.


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